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    CPO at Disruptor Beam and father of four...

    I was born in Alaska, educated at RIT in New York, seasoned on enterprise IT in Chicago, and entered the consumer web/mobile scene via Boston. I cycle when I can, and read/watch a lot of science fiction.


    I am currently the Chief Product Officer at Disruptor Beam, a mobile gaming company, working on games like Star Trek Timlines, and game technology like Disruptor Engine.


    Prior to Disruptor Beam, I was the CEO of MeYou Health, and worked with large employers, small employers, health plans, benefits brokers, and consultants to deliver a wide range of clinically validated online communities that helped people move more, quit smoking, and improve their overall well-being.


    Prior to MeYou Health, I was VP of Product at GamerDNA, a digital gaming media company that derived insights on the gaming community — what gamers are playing and saying in the games space, at any given time. This intelligence was applied to many businesses in social media, online content, and advertising solutions for publishers and brands.


    Prior to gamerDNA, I co-founded 360voice.com, an online Xbox gaming community, and pioneered auto-blogging technology to drive new ways of interacting around games using data. As part of that project, I also designed and built a data-driven competitive gaming system for Proctor & Gamble that integrated into the Xbox 360 game console as part of a large media campaign.


    I now live in Boston, MA with my wife Maureen, three daughters Hannah, Lucy, Alice, and my son Jack.

  • Projects

    A few things I'm always working on...

    My current company

    Disruptor Beam

    I worked for the CEO of Disruptor Beam Jon Radoff, in 2008. I've signed up to work with him again on a new product that will transform how mobile free-to-play games are built and commercialized. That project is called Disruptor Engine.


    Learn more

    My Electronic Music

    In my spare time, I write various genres of house/ambient house music. Synth pads that accompany strong rhythms.


    Check out my latest work.

    My TEDx Talk:

    Fulfillment Mechanics

    In 2010, I gave a TEDx Nashville talk on the role of gamification in product design. It was an amazing experience.

      You can watch it here!


    I'm a huge bourbon/tequila enthusiast. I'm also a huge fan of the quality and experience of ice used when pouring and drinking high end spirits. At ClearIce.Life, I chronicle this adventure and the various makers and enthusiasts around the world.


    As a cyclist, I'm always looking for motivation and social competition. I created Hammerfest to run asynchronous competitions with other cyclists in the real world or in virtual indoor cycling worlds like Zwift.


    This project is currently paused until I have some time to restart the race organization.

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